Step One - Awareness

Beginning the Journey Home to Our Self

The first step on the road to prosperity resides in mindfulness—in being aware of our current position so that we can genuinely assess whether we want to continue along the path we are on or branch out in new directions. As soon as we make that decision, we are on our way. Step 1 begins when we know this truth intimately in our heart: All that we devote our awareness to grows and thrives.

Awareness is not a state of mind but a state of being—an attentiveness that begins in the heart and spreads out from there. We live in a world with thousands of distractions. Without awareness, we cannot choose between what will lead us toward prosperity and what will not. To become aware is the first step on the journey home to our self—all that we require lies within each of us, now. Awareness is active, not passive. It is the opposite of absence, scarcity, and lack. Awareness is our primary asset: how we devote or invest our energy determines our quality of life.