Step seven - Gratitude  

Counting Our Blessings

When we are sincerely grateful, we experience a deep feeling of worthiness and prosperity. We can feel our own being. We can feel us in our souls. We can feel everything and everyone that is. We can feel God. In gratitude nothing is lacking. There is just us and the world—complete, in the now. That is how artists, leaders, and creators manifest themselves—in the present with complete freedom.

This step is not about thinking about gratitude or saying “I am grateful,” rather, it is the feeling and experience of gratitude. When this takes place, we are in the present moment, and we truly experience prosperity and feel the pulsing of our hearts. When we feel gratitude, there is no room for anything else—no lack, no anxiety, no self-pity. Our beings are filled with gratitude. We are inspired by gratitude, enlightened.