The 7 step workbook

Awareness is your primary asset

Presence Is Power Seven Step Workbook

Congratulations on wanting to progress toward lasting prosperity and fully conscious living. By reading this workbook, you know that this is the route you wish to take. The knowledge of the mind is important, of course. However, the knowledge of your heart is more important. When you merge the knowledge of the mind with the heart and infuse it with deliberate action, you create a miracle constructed by your own might. A miracle is produced as a result of having changed your perspectives and behavior patterns, your paradigm. This merging of mind, body, and soul is what I call wholeness.

The shortest route to wholeness is as follows:

Awareness —This means to be conscious and to be a compassionate witness in one’s own life and to know that you are not your thoughts or your perspectives. It literally means to show up in your life.

Conscious breathing—Breathing is the most powerful way to practice awareness. Your volume of breath is your volume of life. With conscious breathing, you exercise your ability to process oxygen and maximize your oxygen efficiency and therefore reveal your ability and permission to receive and accept love and prosperity in your life.

Conscious chewing—“Chewing” your way to prosperity requires your presence. You nourish in the present moment with awareness and intention because you know that you will increase as much as fivefold the utilization of the energy you ingest. This approach, in itself, is a powerful practice and declaration of self-love that has enormous benefits.

Watering growth—Water is the essence of purity, pure love, and the prerequisite of all life and prosperity. Water your growth consciously so that you may bloom and bear fruit. Bathe in the in the liquid of light and love, and drink six to eight glasses of pure water daily.

Being responsible—You are responsible for the energy you generate and produce in your own power plant. When you are aware, breathe and chew consciously, and water your growth—nourishing yourself with intent—you become a nuclear-power generator. The difference between an ordinary power generator and a nuclear generator is consciousness.

Open your heart and experience true Prosperity in Seven Weeks – Get your GLOW on!

Even if you know and understand your current less-than-desirable condition (whatever it may be), you don’t necessarily have the permission that is required for change; you may not even believe that you deserve to make positive adjustments in your life. And often, therein lies the bulk of your pain and suffering—to have the knowledge and understanding without taking action. The miracle happens when you take action and invest your energy in the project at hand. The miracle happens when you verify both for yourself and for the universe that you truly want what you say you want. Taking action is the only way to establish and express your self-worth and therefore your permission for prosperity and wellness.

Presence Is Power the workbook will make it possible in seven weeks to identify and clarify your prosperity rituals. Each week presents clear and well-defined assignments. Strategy and planning is essential; however, plans are useless without commitment and action. This law applies to all areas of your life. If you have made plans and commitments without keeping your word and following through, I urge you to commit now with a gleam in your eye and a smile on your face to complete the seven weeks of assignments, and most importantly, stand by your side for the duration and allow yourself to complete the project.

Each week you will be presented with new opportunities based on the seven steps presented in my book Presence Is Power:

Step 1. Awareness: Beginning the Journey Home to Our Self
Step 2. Responsibility: Responding in Our Life Instead of Reacting
Step 3. Purpose: Living Purposefully and Being Inspired
Step 4. Commitment: Acting with Integrity from the Heart
Step 5. Advancement: Progressing with Love and Permission
Step 6. Insight: Witnessing Our Prosperity and Wellness Evolve
Step 7. Gratitude: Counting Our Blessings

The steps and related concepts are explained at length in Presence Is Power. In this companion prosperity action guide, these concepts are introduced as action rituals to maximize your energy and prosperity. You will take this step by step, always in harmony with the love, worthiness or prosperity allowance you are capable of receiving at the time.

It has been my experience that only few awaken to consciousness and gain the courage and strength to make lasting changes in their lives without having manifested enough pain or suffering to instigate the change. Most of the time, we require the motivation brought about by devastating events to even consider change or moving from despair or discomfort in the direction of prosperity and wellness. We fear change more than anything—even positive changes. This is because we have become attached and even addicted to our habits and patterns although they may be the cause of our suffering. Time and again, we have attempted to force change and even applied intense or violent procedures stemming from deep-rooted fear, hidden agendas, and insecurities. However, our situation can be different, with love and compassion as the instigating forces. We love ourselves just as we are in present moment.

The assignments in this prosperity action guide will expose your shadow self—or what I call the imemine. It reveals how the imemine appears in many areas of your life and how you use multiple hidden behaviors to emotionally suppress and constrain yourself unconsciously. At the same time, the assignments disclose the strength and determination of your heart; all is revealed when you listen to the emotions experienced and expressed as you perform the assignments.

The Presence Is Power prosperity workbook presents a dialogue about perspectives, and in doing so, it uses a number of key words or terms. Some of these may be familiar to you, and others may not. These key terms are defined in the glossary so that you can understand their meanings within the text.

In seven weeks, the resonance of your heart and your strength will magnify. This happens when you choose to listen to the intuition of your heart and establish boundaries and behavior patterns founded on light and love instead of on fear, absence and scarcity. All that you devote awareness to will grow and prosper, whether it is what you think you want or don’t want. Awareness is light, energy. Happiness is awakening, being responsible, and consciously choosing where to invest your energy and attention. 


In Presence Is Power the seven-step workbook, Gudni Gunnarsson introduces us to a practical framework for becoming more present in our lives. If you are tired of only connecting ‘presence’ to ‘mindfulness’ or of the abstraction that ‘being present’ implies, this book will add tremendous value as a concrete and understandable tool that you can use to guide you through the possibility of prosperity in your life. Gunnarsson invites the reader to a sense of personal power and mastery with warmth, compassion, love and gentle guidance that is sure to delight and excite any reader interested in exploring and expressing their greatest powers now.
Srini Pillay, M.D.
CEO: NeuroBusiness Group 
Assistant Professor: Harvard Medical School
Gudni’s presence in my life has been invaluable, both as a trainer and friend. The ideas presented in his seven-step workbook have helped me become more present and full of gratitude as I move through my day to day. I believe these concepts can help others cultivate the required structure for greater joy, prosperity, and presence as well.
Brandon Routh
Actor, Superman Returns and Legends of Tomorrow
An abundant life demands mindfulness, gratitude, and purpose. In Presence Is Power the seven-step workbook, Gudni Gunnarsson provides a blueprint for how to develop awareness, prosperity, and love to transcend mediocrity and become your most authentic self.
JJ Virgin
CNS, CHFS / Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert /
New York Times bestselling author of The Virgin Diet and JJ Virgin´s Sugar Impact Diet /