Presence is Power

awareness is your primary asset

Presence is Power

Presence Is Power: Seven Steps for Choosing a Life of Prosperity is a concise guide for moving away from “scarcity consciousness” (the false perception of absence or lack) and into a life of our choosing, where we direct our lives with the power of our awareness and live a life of abundance. If the life we lead is simply a choice we make, why are so few us living life to the fullest in true prosperity?

We all say we wish to be happy and prosperous, but many of us are not experiencing this reality. This is because all that we devote our attention to grows and thrives—whether we are aware of it or not. When we see the grass as greener on the other side, that grass seems to grow lusher while the grass on our side of the fence withers and fades. This simple principle is true in all areas of our lives.

As this book teaches, at any time, we may awaken, take responsibility, and change our destiny by “growing our own grass” until it is so lush, vibrant, and hardy that we live in a state of gratitude for all of our good fortune. This is possible because we are immensely powerful beings. We have the power to devote our energy in whatever manner we choose—with awareness. However, the human condition is such that we have strayed from the path of light and love in order to experience this realm of duality and fragmentation for the purpose of self-realization and unity. The separation and fear we feel are illusions, but we have become so accustomed to the darkness and the struggle to feel complete that this is where we continue to place our awareness. Although the fear is constraining and limiting, it feels natural and normal, and thus we have literally become addicted to these conditions. Nevertheless, we know in our hearts that love is the path and prosperity is our birthright.


Gudni has a special gift for penetrating into the core of your mind, heart and soul. There's a timeless wisdom that shines through his writing that can help us wake up, step out of our old and outdated ways of living, and y. In a world over owing with books that are meant to help us achieve our highest aspirations, Presence is Power stands out as a superior work and a must-read book. Give yourself the gift of the wisdom in this wonderful book!
Marc David
Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, Nutritional Psychology Expert, and best selling author of Nourishing Wisdom and The Slow Down Diet.
Presence is Power is a fountain of insight with jewels of awareness distilled simply and vividly. Gudni’s intelligence of the heart and uent acumen communicate keystone truths of our universal human condition and the empowering tools to awaken our true state of being: one of abundance, prosperity, purpose and presence.
Renée Loux
Author, green expert, TV host, chef, organic foodie, restaurateur, Women's Health Magazine columnist, Exhale Spa board member, and eco-advisor.
In Presence is Power you will find an honest, practical, and eminently useful summation of how to transform into the truest, most glowing, expression of yourself. Gudni describes that through activating awareness, taking responsibility, staying within inspiration, and committing from the heart we can advance into the direction of our dreams. Reading and referencing this book can help us all achieve The Best Day Ever!
David Wolfe
Author of Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future, Eating For Beauty, Longevity Now, Chaga: King of the Medicinal Mushrooms, founder of the non-pro t Fruit Tree Planting Foundation -