Step four - Commitment

Acting with Integrity from the Heart

Commitment is to commit to ourselves and bind to our own purpose and goals. This step fuses the heat from awareness, the joy from responsibility, and the resolution of purpose. Commitment is the Holy Grail, the blessed vessel of prosperity. Commitment is an agreement forged by the heart, a sacred covenant. When we keep our commitments, we are trustworthy. When we live in accordance with our commitments, we unify and strengthen our character.

Our word is sacred and by keeping our word we fortify our trust in ourselves and become trustworthy, worthy, and able to receive and sustain love and prosperity. Through our commitments or lack thereof, we subconsciously maintain our self-image and prosperity allowance. By committing to someone or something, we are giving our word, promising our loyalty to a purpose, task, a project, cause, or another person through relationships, and most importantly, to ourselves.

Commitment is a decision to move in accordance with the world not against it. It is the rudder of purpose, a way to stay on the right path. Commitment is a declaration of worth and a statement of intent. It involves allowing ourselves to open and trust the heart and the will. It is a conscious decision to be fully present. Commitment is a covenant with ourselves to stand by our word, keeping our promises to ourselves and to others. It is when we finally commit to ourselves that the universe takes us seriously and begins to work with us in conjunction with our stated purpose and goals.